What Are the Possible Outcomes to My DUI Case?

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DUI case outcome

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A DUI charge is a severe charge. Not only are there the short-term consequences of a conviction, but you also have the long-term effects. The strict penalties imposed by the courts, even for first-time offenders, can affect you for the rest of your life.

While no one can predict the future, including your attorney, some factors might influence the outcome of your case – and they are critical to know.

Factors that Influence the Outcome of a DUI Case

  • History of DUI Offenses – If you have previous DUI convictions, then you may receive harsher penalties for your subsequent offenses. Furthermore, you may qualify for the Colorado DUI felony enhancement, which could dramatically change the outcome of your case.
  • Passengers – If you had passengers in your vehicle, including children, the penalties are much more severe.
  • Vehicle – The type of vehicle you were driving will also determine the outcome. A commercial vehicle or semi-truck will yield a harsher penalty if you are convicted.
  • Other Citations and Violations – You might have been arrested for a DUI, or perhaps other violations, like reckless driving or causing a car accident and injuring victims.

Exploring the Outcomes of Your Pending DUI Case

There are potential outcomes of a DUI case, and these depend on the evidence the prosecution has against you and your quality of defense. If you have injured someone or have other offenses, you could be convicted of a felony and serve a longer prison sentence.

However, there are a few outcomes possible, and you and your attorney must discuss these possible outcomes to see which are likely for your particular DUI case:

  • Convicted of a DUI in Court – You might be convicted of a DUI in court, especially if you forgo plea bargains and opt to try the case. Depending on the evidence against you, it may go quickly.
  • Plea Bargain – You could strike a deal with the prosecution for a reduction in charges or reduced sentence. While you might plead guilty, you might do so to something other than a DUI – which can protect your driving record.
  • Probation instead of Jail Time – First-time offenders might not spend time in jail; instead, they will receive probation instead of a jail sentence. While you are still convicted, you can go to work and live your life with few restrictions.
  • Acquitted or Charges Dropped – The courts might find you not guilty of the offense, or the charges might be dropped based on evidence and arguments presented by your defense attorney.

For the Best Outcome, Speak to an Attorney

If you have been arrested for a DUI, it is imperative you contact a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. The sooner your attorney gets involved, the better the outcome of your case might be.

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