Are You Driving Recklessly without Knowing It?

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After driving a vehicle for a few years, it is easy to fall into habits. Not all the habits you rest into are necessarily safe or correct either.

Whether it is drinking coffee while driving or speeding to get to work on time, these dangerous behaviors increase the chances of an accident and are often reckless. Sadly, most motorists are performing reckless acts behind the wheel and do not know it – until they cause a devastating accident.

By being self-aware of your driving habits and taking steps to stay safe, you could reduce the likelihood you cause an accident and face the criminal penalties associated with reckless driving.

What Reckless Driving Habits Might You be Making Behind the Wheel?

Most of these reckless practices are done mindlessly. You do not intentionally set out to be reckless on the road, but as you settle into your driving routine and commute, you do them anyway.

Here are a few bad habits you have on the road that you might not even realize are considered reckless.

  • Driving while taking prescription medications. Certain prescription drugs come with dire warnings about operating a motor vehicle while taking them. These prescriptions are legal to carry, but you cannot operate a vehicle if they affect your driving. If you do, you could still face a driving under the influence charge and jail time.
  • Driving over the posted speed limit. Speed limits are not suggestions. Therefore, driving faster than the posted speed limit is not only breaking the law but reckless. Speed limits are there to ensure drivers have enough time to properly react, but also reduce the devastation caused by an accident.
  • Driving while distracted. Distracted driving, such as talking on your phone or checking email, is dangerous and illegal. You cannot text and drive. If you were to cause an accident, you will receive a traffic citation for your reckless behavior, but also open the door to a personal injury lawsuit from the victim.
  • Driving too fast for the weather. Colorado winters are harsh. From the snow to icy road conditions, you must drive with caution any time the weather creates hazards on the road. While you might be going the posted speed limit, if the weather suggests going slower, you should too.
  • Driving too aggressively. In today’s fast-paced world, drivers often think that being more aggressive on the road ensures they get the parking spot or take the right exit, but aggressive driving and road rage are common causes of accidents. Aggressive driving can not only harm you but lead to road fatalities. Erratic lane changes, improper following distances, and failing to observe traffic signals are forms of aggressive behavior.

Arrested for Your Bad Habits on the Road? Call an Attorney

Driving aggressively, causing an accident, and driving under the influence all lead to multiple citations and possibly jail time. To avoid long-term penalties for a one-time mistake, speak with a criminal defense attorney.

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