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Car collision on a highway in Colorado.An auto accident can turn your life upside down in a number of ways. In addition to the shock and confusion of a sudden and unexpected impact, you may suffer immense physical pain and even long-term disability. To add insult to injury, you are likely to find medical bills rolling in just as your income declines due to lost work time.

For many people, the most troubling aspect of this entire scenario is the sickening realization that all this hardship was the completely avoidable result of some else’s carelessness or even malevolence. When this happens, justice demands that you be fairly compensated. Don’t hesitate to speak with a highly skilled Colorado car accident lawyer at Mark S. Rubinstein, P.C. today.

Full Compensation is Your Legal Right

My name is Mark S. Rubinstein. It is my job to fight for the rights of people just like you, and I have been doing exactly that for decades now. I am a fighter, by nature and by training, and I am not afraid to take on evasive defendants and giant insurance companies. I will work out a timely out-of-court settlement for you if I can, but I will not hesitate to slug it out in court for you, should that become necessary.

As a highly dedicated Colorado car accident attorney, I will examine your medical records and will meticulously reconstruct your accident to determine the cause of your injury and the nature of the car collision. I am so confident in my ability to win compensation for you that I will charge you nothing at all for my services unless I do.

What My Clients Say

“I’d like to thank you for an exemplary job representing me at trial earlier this week. It is because of your hard work and effort that I fared the way I did. My hat is off to you” – J.W. January 29, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are my compensation options in the event of a hit and run accident?

Your main options are as follows:

  • File a claim against the hit and run driver or his or her auto insurance policy.
  • If the driver cannot be located, you can file a claim against your own uninsured motorist policy.
  • Depending on the terms of your policy, you might have other insurance that applies.

If my loved one is killed in an auto accident, can I file a lawsuit on his or her behalf?

It depends on your relationship with the victim:

  • If you are the spouse of the victim, you may file a wrongful death lawsuit on your own behalf.
  • In the second year after the accident, the victim’s children may file a wrongful death lawsuit as well.
  • If the victim has no surviving spouse or children, the victim’s parents can file the lawsuit.

Will I lose my claim if the accident was partly my fault?

Under Colorado comparative negligence principles, you will still have a personal injury claim as long as your negligence was less than the defendant’s negligence. The amount of your compensation, however, will be reduced in proportion to your degree of fault. The court will determine your degree of fault based on the evidence presented at trial.

Does Colorado have a “dram shop law”?

Yes, it does. If a nightclub sells alcohol to a minor (under 21) or to a visibly intoxicated customer who then proceeds to injure you, you may have a dram shop law claim against the nightclub. Even if the drunk driver’s insurance policy cannot cover the full amount of your claim, the nightclub may be able to do so.

Are there any special considerations if I am hit by a commercial driver?

Sometimes. If the commercial driver is an employee of a company (rather than an independent contractor), you may be able to file a claim against the company as well. It might also be easier to prove liability by showing that the commercial driver violated safety regulations applicable to commercial drivers.

It’s just a car accident, and no one died. So can’t I just handle this myself?

A man calling his lawyer after a car accident in Colorado.It would absolutely not be in your best interest to attempt to handle a car accident case by yourself. Regardless of how “minor” you may think that your case is, the truth is that you have likely not been in many accidents in your life – so you haven’t been through this before. Even if your injuries seem minor, they may have long-term effects that you are not fully aware of. You may not have the expertise required to properly assess how this crash can affect your physical, mental, and financial health going into the future.

You also are likely not an expert at dealing with insurance companies. One thing you must realize is that insurance companies are not your friend. They operate for one reason and one reason alone: to make money. And paying out big claims to people just like you does not make them money. So their sole objective, when receiving a claim, is to pay out as little as possible to the injured party. The insurance adjusters you will speak with on the phone have extensive training in tricks and manipulations designed to get you to:

  • Indirectly admit to liability so that they can later claim that you were more at fault for the accident than you really were.
  • Make statements that belittle your injuries so that they can claim that you’re faking their severity.
  • Make statements that can in any way be used to lower their payout.
  • Settle quickly for an amount far lower than they know your case is worth.

The adjusters know that people who don’t have a Colorado auto accident lawyer are far, far more likely to settle for less, and they have no trouble capitalizing on your lack of experience in these matters. But when you have a seasoned Colorado auto accident attorney by your side, they know they won’t get away with any of the above tactics. Now they must deal with the case from a purely evidentiary standpoint and face a seasoned professional with your best interest in mind.

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I am a sole practitioner, and I will take your case personally – as if it were me instead of you who has been injured. With nearly a quarter-century of experience as a personal injury legal practitioner, there isn’t much that can happen, either in court or at the settlement table, that I haven’t seen before.

I understand that you may not be in a position to come to my office for a consultation, which is why I will be happy to meet you at the location of your choosing. I will even give you my personal cell phone number to make sure that you can always contact me with your questions and concerns.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Western Colorado, or if you live or work there, call me, a winning Colorado car accident attorney, today at (970) 704-0888 or contact me online for a free initial evaluation of your claim.