Client Comments

I Highly would recommend Mark, after my situation I contacted several attorney’s and Mark was the only one to return my call he did that within hours of my call. He was in contestant communication with me, and keep me posted on my situation at all times. Mark was able to negotiate with the DA and have my charges reduced from a DUI to a DWAI with a differed judgement which was a miracle in itself. Thank You Mark!

–Anonymous 7.30.21

The ABSOLUTE best lawyer I have ever had. Has represented me multiple times and always cared about me and what I wanted unlike most lawyers. Did everything in his power to fight for me. My record is clean thanks to Rubinstein.

–Andrew B 6.29.21

I highly recommend Mark Rubinstein, he helped my son so much with his case and kept us updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of. Excellent attorney!

–Anonymous 6.1.21

A little over a year ago I was extradited to the state of Colorado to face charges that I ran from 15 years ago. I was looking at 20 plus years. With Mark in my corner I felt very confident. He said we will fight for probation. We did and when it was all said and done I ended up with 2 years probation and a chance to continue living my life. me and my family will always thank mark for what he did for me.

–Anonymous 5.19.21

Mark did an amazing job with my son cases. He was clear in his what he was going to do in the cases, easy to get in contact with, always called before the court cases to make sure all was well and the results were amazing. A Job well done.

–K 1.6.21

Mark did a fantastic job handling legal matters for me amongst a global pandemic and helped facilitate the results I needed while living out of State. His professional services and strong background navigating the Colorado legal system delivered the fast and desirable outcome I was hoping for during these unprecedented times. If you are in need of help resolving legal issues in the Colorado area, I highly recommend Mark and his strong judicial connections.

–Anonymous 11.17.20

“Mark was accessible when I called. With no prior experience on my part, Mark provided guidance, explanation, and advice throughout, with a good result. Recommended.”

–S.B. 8.21.20

Mr. Rubinstein is superb counsel. He is knowledgeable, caring, experienced and very professional. He returns phone calls promptly. Not only that but he is very good at what he does. He handled my matter expertly. I recommend Mr. Rubinstein without a doubt for any matters you have in his geographic area

–Anonymous 6.15.20

Mark Rubinstein is a great lawyer!!! Very professional and friendly!! He helped me get a plea deal on my DUI (first offense) with a high BAC so I did not face any jail time. I was sentenced to community service, DUI class, fines & unsupervised probation. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

–Anonymous 5.20.20

I was referred to Mark by a friend who had an excellent experience with him, so I was already optimistic about my situation. Despite my high expectations for him, he blew them out of the park. Mark’s value was only surpassed by his ability to represent and to find the best outcome for me. I am extremely happy for my resolution and would definitely recommend Mark Rubenstein to anyone with legal advice/needs.

–T.D. 5.18.20

I would like to write this review to recommend Mark Rubinstein, P.C. Due to very poor judgement on my part, I was facing a 2nd degree assault charge. Obviously this was not something I wanted sticking around on my record. So I started researching lawyers and came across Mark Rubinstein. After reading his reviews, I decided to hire him. Throughout the whole ordeal, Mark Rubinstein was very professional, kind, and reassuring. He was very blunt about how serious my charges were, however, I felt very comfortable leaving my case in Mark Rubinstein’s hands. The result Mark Rubinstein was able to get on my case was nothing short of phenomenal. Not only did he help me get my charge reduced to a misdemeanor, he also was able to get me a deferred judgement. So I’ll be able to hopefully clear my record, so long as I follow every condition set forth by the judge. Mark Rubinstein cares about his clients, and he will set forth his best effort to help you achieve a good result in the courtroom. I would most definitely hire Mark Rubinstein again, although I never plan on getting into legal trouble again. Quite frankly, if you get into legal trouble, do not think twice, hire Mark Rubinstein. You will not regret it. Mr. Rubinstein, I would again like to thank you for your phenomenal work on my case. Best,


Approachable, kind & efficient! I got myself into some hot water with the Aspen law recently and I immediately called Mark. He was very warm and understanding in his approach and took the time to listen to my story (through tears and all). Mark took the time to explain to me best and worst case scenarios and was knowledgeable on the law and the Aspen court system. He was very thorough in everything he did during my case and most of the time I knew what to expect (no surprises). I personally received the best case scenario with Mark’s help. The one caveat is, the waiting game is tough but just know that time is not Mark’s fault and he can’t control other parties decisions. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Mark during this difficult time in my life and highly recommend him.

–Mikala. 4.16.20

Mark was able to get my charges dropped when I was facing a domestic violence conviction. He’s very professional and communicated with me through the whole process. I highly recommend hiring him.

–A 4.6.20

I contacted Mark for legal support after finding myself in an extremely challenging situation for a citation that could have significant legal consequences to me and my family. I personally had no experience to date with something like this, was nervous and pretty scared. Mark was amazing to work with and instantly calmed my fears during our first conversation yet impressed upon me the seriousness of the issue at hand. He was very clear with me throughout the process and ultimately was able to achieve great success with the prosecutor in my case which resulted in only a nominal fine and having my legal issue reduced down to the lowest level. I am so grateful for Mark’s expertise and for the results of my case. He really delivered!

–L.T. 2.3.20

“Mr. Mark Rubinstein is an OUTSTANDING attorney! I was facing 8 – 32 years for a crime. He always kept me informed of my case and never let me forget just how serious this crime was! The only jail time I did was the date that I was arrested. He was able to negotiate probation only! I consider Mark to be an exceptional Attorney! Thank you Mark”

–C.R. 1.16.20

“Mark is an excellent advocate, listener, communicator, and represented me in the best way possible. I cannot thank him enough and would recommend his services to anyone.”

–E.P. 10.17.19

“MARK S RUBINSTEIN is the man! Had 3 times over the legal limit and got off with a slap on the wrist. If you’re ever in that situation call Mr. Rubinstein. You won’t be disappointed.”

–R.B. 7.22.19

“I hired Mark for legal representation based on his reputation. His service and professionalism exceeded any possible expectations. From beginning to end Mark was there, handled my business efficiently, honestly, and achieved an exceptional result. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

–anonymous 7.14.19

“Mark did a great job representing me. I would highly recommend him. He was there when I had a question and in court he was outstanding.”

–B.A. 7.11.19

“I contacted Mark and hired him immediately based on his knowledge of how to handle the type of charge I was facing. Mark was able to get a dismissal in my case and was very straightforward the whole way.”

–A. 06-05-2019

“Mark was able to get a speedy and successful resolution to my case that will end with a clean record. He was always very responsive and did a great job explaining what all the legal jargon meant. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal help!”

–Kyle 05-21-2019

“Mark was able to work out an agreement with the prosecutor on my behalf that ultimately saved my career, my family and my future. He was always quick to respond to me with compassion and confidence and is very knowledgeable with how the legal system works. He is extremely professional and has my highest recommendation. Mark, my family and I are eternally grateful for your service! It has truly been a pleasure working with you.”

–Brandy 04-23-2019

“Mark did an EXCELLENT job in my case. He was able to get a plea bargain done that was a huge benefit to me. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him as your legal counsel.”

–Jerry K. 03-21-2019

“It was quite a wonderful experience working with Mark. He would make sure that the process was as smooth as possible with no stress, and was very responsive to all my questions; very easy to work with; very approachable and genuine individual.”

–Pattira B. 03-13-2019

“Mark did a great job and got me the result that we ultimately talked about. I would highly recommend Mark for getting results. He is to the point. He knows the system and the people extremely well. Very glad I went with him.”

–Matt 02-12-2019

“I needed legal advice quickly over the weekend and Mark picked up his phone on Sunday and took the time to listen and explain my options going forward. Mark was accessible throughout my case and was well respected by the judges and DA . I could not have gone through this legal process without his help and guidance. I would highly recommend Mr. Rubinstein.”

–D.W. 01-14-2019

“Mr. Rubinstein is an excellent legal counsel and was well-respected by the DAs and judges that we interacted with. He was responsive and communicated complex legal scenarios in a clear, concise manner. In addition to be a very competent lawyer, he is also very likable and approachable. We had a very favorable outcome in our case that he was able to develop over the course of several months. I would highly recommend Mr. Rubinstein.”

–Daniel 01-04-2019

“I was arrested for a domestic violence charge in Montrose county, Colorado. I had never been in trouble with the law prior to this and it did not take long for me to come to the realization that Colorado is one of the worst states to be arrested for Domestic Violence in. I researched local lawyers and chose Mr. Rubinstein from his reviews. Mr. Rubinstein quickly returned my initial call, while two other lawyers I was considering hiring did not respond for several day. Mr. Rubinstein was patient and understanding with me, and most importantly to me he respected my declaration that I had not committed the crime I was being accused of. Throughout the legal process, which did take several months, Mr. Rubinstein continued to be easily reachable and willing to answer all of my questions. He was physically present with me in court with me for both of my appearances, was able to explain what was happening in a way I could understand, and again most importantly he treated me with kindness and respect despite the highly stigmatized and embarrassing charge I was facing. Ultimately, Mr. Rubinstein was able to convince the DA to drop the charges brought against me, which is the absolute best possible outcome I could have expected with strict CO Domestic Violence protocol. I am extremely grateful for Mr. Rubinstein expertise and I highly recommend him. Since I chose this attorney based on reviews I wanted to add my testimonial as well in hopes that it might help someone else in a similar situation. If you are facing Domestic Violence charges in Colorado Mr. Rubinstein will help you reach the best possible outcome while also treating you as a human being.”

–Erin 12-10-2018

“Mr. Rubinstein provides absolute professionalism, genuinely cares, he is a true and honest litigator! I highly recommend Mr. Rubinstein, for any and all legal concerns.”

–K.K. 12-4-2018

“Very satisfied with your services thanks again.”

–T.M. 12-4-2018

“After 60 years I needed my first lawyer for a DUI convection and I could have been more satisfied with some to work with. Mark stayed on top of everything and kept me informed the whole time. Believe me in saying “what an experience not knowing what was involved”. I could not have made it through the procedure without him. He is as good as it gets and very easy to work with. He really gets Great results.”

–M.S. 11-14-2018

“Mark was wonderful! I am so thankful that he represented me! I was able to get a bad situation resolved and put behind me.”

–A. 11-12-2018

“Mark was very helpful in my case. Got what I was hoping for in the trial. Treated me very kindly and spoke very well in the court room. Wouldn’t know what would happen with out his help. Good guy and very smart.”

–A. 10-26-2018

“This guy is a really good lawyer, very professional and gets the job done. Hired Mr. Rubinstein for my son and we could not be more thankful and pleased, would definitely recommend him. Thanks Mark Rubinstein!”

–D.F. 10-22-2018

“Mark was extremely professional, patient and accessible throughout my case. Because he’s been doing this for so long, he has a good rapport with the prosecutors and judges, which is exactly what I was looking for when I hired him. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would hire him again.”

–C.C. 10-3-2018

“Great attorney, knowledgeable and efficient. Took my case on a weekend. Was very helpful and considerate of my needs.”

–J.A. 6-1-2018

“Mark was very helpful. He was able to clearly lay out the situation and the different ways to approach the situation. He calmly gave sound advice and was able to help reach the best outcome possible. I would recommend Mark to anybody, as he truly is professional and helped defend a critical Criminal Defense case.”

–D.L. 5-15-2018

“I would highly recommend Mark Rubinstein to anyone in the valley needing legal assistance. He helped me find a resolution with the court that I did not think was possible. Mark is very professional and knowledgeable about legal matters here in Colorado. He is very helpful and informed me of everything that I needed to know. I had no knowledge of the court system before this, so his help was important to me and made me more comfortable throughout the process. The best part about having Mark as my representative was the ease of communication. He is easy to contact and responds in a timely manner to everything.”

C.G. 4-17-2018

“Mark did a great job of defending my criminal case and helped to get me a favorable outcome. He worked hard and understood the system. I would recommend him.”

B.N. 3-8-2018

“Words cannot explain how satisfied I am with the work that was done by Mr. Rubinstein regarding my case. I met with multiple lawyers for consultation to talk about my case and all of them had the same answer. It seemed as they focused on the negatives and not the positives. I began to lose hope until I met with Mark, he reassured me that we had options and not all was lost. If I hadn’t gone with Mark I am positive I would have lost valuable time. If you want the best possible outcome while exhausting all options I would seek no further representation. Thanks again Mark! If the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit.”

A.G. 1-16-17

“I would highly recommend Mark Rubinstein. He got my daughter’s 6-point speeding charged handled in such that she will have no points, no record, and a very light fine. Mark is responsive and professional and easy to work with. It was apparent at our court session that Mark is highly respected by the court. He is the “real deal”!”

K.R. 1-16-17

“I had myself in a situation regarding some driving offenses which could have likely caused me my freedom. Mark took the time to tell me things I could do to help my situation, I did them and then he was able to get a result that I never could have expected. Put your trust in Mark, he has the knowledge, experience and compassion to get the job done and done well.”

M.S. 12-1-17

“Top notch Lawyer who does just as he says. I hired Mark S. Rubinstein to handle a multiple ticket situation while I was in Colorado on vacation. The results were exceptional. I highly recommend Mark for your legal needs. Very professional and reliable. Thank you Sir for your assistance!”

T.T. 11-22-17

“Dear Mr. Rubinstein: I called this afternoon to say, Thank You. Thank You for the deferment plea you obtained for Emil. It is not every day that we get the opportunity to impact peoples life. We go about doing “our job” as best we can. Hoping and trusting that our work does make a difference and that we can leave people just a litter better than how they arrive the first time we encountered them. Well, You made a difference in our life. In the Life of our son Emil. I appreciate your advocacy, trust and care with which you handled his case and obtained this favorable outcome. Emil, can now move forward with his college and work research. I appreciate your legal counsel and the communication you kept with my son during this process. My Best.”

M.O. 09-15-17

“Mark, I can’t thank you enough for your outstanding representation and professionalism. I drive a “zillion” miles a year in my job, and my driving record is of great importance to me. As I was an out-of-stater, you took a situation which caused me a great deal of angst and obtained a very equitable outcome. Your communication regarding this matter was first-rate, and I thought the cost was very reasonable for the service rendered. I am extremely grateful for your help!”

S.H. 09-14-17

“Mr. Rubinstein, I can not thank you enough for representing me in my case. I very much believe that I could not have received a better outcome. You were professional, punctual, and I could tell that you had my very best interest in mind at all times. I would absolutely recommend you to anybody that happens to be in need regarding the court of law.”

D.P. 07-19-17

“Recently a family member was in trouble and jailed in Colorado. I live many states away. I wasn’t sure were to turn for legal help. Within minutes of calling his office Mark S Rubinstein returned my call. Mark explained what the options were, and put me at ease, considering the situation. We could not have had a better lawyer! He was honest, experienced, and professional. He did well by us. He got it done. He also wears cowboy boots.”

J.P. 07-04-17

“Mr. Rubinstein was hired to represent my son for a careless driving case in Mesa County. This is an offense that could have put 4 points against his license and potential jail time. We were elated with the services provided by Mr. Rubinstein which resulted in the case being dismissed. If you’re in need of representation – I highly recommend Mr. Rubinstein – worth every penny!”


“I recently ran into an issue in the Gunnison area where I needed the services of Counselor Rubinstein. Mark handled my matter with complete professionalism and in a very timely matter. The situation required legal expertise and not once did I feel the stress that usually comes with dealing with such matters. I reside in the Denver area and Mark communicated every aspect of what was happening with my situation on the Western slope. I strongly recommend Mark S. Rubinstein for legal counsel”


“Hi Mark, Thank you for all your help. I am happy with the outcome . . .
Thank you again for your help. For someone like me, negotiating through the system was overwhelming and intimidating. I know it is an easy thing for you but it was a big thing for me. Take care and best wishes for the future.”

E.N. 04-13-17

“Hi Mark, Thank you for everything you have done for me, you truly made this process a lot easier and have come out with a much better result than I would have predicted. Thank you again, I will be recommending your services to anyone who comes to me with a problem. Regards”

T.Y. 04-12-17

“Thank you sir, for everything you have done to make this a successful outcome for him. The ball is in his court. Thanks for being direct with the email about his decision making for the year. Take care God bless”

J.A. 04-11-17

“I can’t thank you enough!! You made my day!! Year!! Have a good one !! Thanks Mark”

R.C. 03-08-17

“Thank you Mark your my Hero!.. If I run into trouble and need representation I will contact you!.. I have been doing real good so I think I will be o.k. . . . Thank you again!!”

M.J. 01-25-17

“Hi mark, Thank you very much. I am very pleased with the result, as well and your hard work to get this case stayed and then dismissed without even the speeding fine. Thanks again mark! Much appreciated ”

D.P. 12/06/16

“Hi Mark – Now that my case is closed, a quick note to once again express my sincere thanks to you for all you did on my behalf. It helps when you have a someone like you in my corner. I’m moving on with life, lessons learned from my mistakes and would do everything in my power to fulfill all that is required of me. Thank you for your professionalism in answering my questions and calming my nerves. You are the best. Warm Regards,”

S.N. 11/29/16

“Mr. Rubinstein, thanks for representing me. I think it went very well and am happy with the result!”

B.P. 09/16/16

“Hi Mark, I just wanted to thank you again for the great work you did with my case. I am very happy with the outcome, and overall just feel so much better. I will define recommend you to anyone I know that may ever need some legal consultation.”

A.P. 06/13/16

“I retained Mr. Rubinstein to represent me with regard to charges involving Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. Through diligence, hard work and thorough representation, Mr. Rubinstein was able to reach a resolution to Careless Driving. I am extremely pleased with this result and wish to express my sincere appreciation for having the Charge of DUI being dismissed. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Rubinstein to anyone who is in need of an excellent criminal defense attorney.”

MT 02-25-16

“Hey Mark, I wanted to thank you so much for your help throughout this whole process. It ended in the best possible outcome I could get. I will definitely recommend you to other people in the same situation I was in. Thanks again.”

M.M. 01/23/16

“Thank you Mark for all of your assistance.”

L.T. 01/20/16

“Oh my gosh that’s fantastic !!! Thank you so much for all your help and services . . . Once again thank you, thank you, thank you.”

J.M. 01/16/16

“Mark, An excellent result indeed! I really appreciate it. More importantly thank you for getting this result! Best of luck to you and your family, see you on the slopes! All the best”

R.M. 01/13/16

“I have been meaning to get in contact to say than you !! Thank you for everything you did. I realize that this is a great opportunity to keep my record clean.”

A.V. 12/28/15

“I got caught speeding while passing slow moving traffic in a mountainous section of state highway. After doing some research on lawyers who do traffic cases, I contacted Mr. Rubinstein. Mr. Rubinstein worked closely with the DA’s office to get my traffic violation reduced from 12 pts to 4 pts. I highly recommend contacting him if you need a fair priced lawyer who will work hard to get results.”

B.N​. 11/5/15

“I don’t know how to thank you, Mark . . . Again, Thank you.”

J.E.  10/3/15

“Thank you so much Mark.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.  I will make sure to refer you to anyone I know that needs a lawyer in Colorado.  Great job.  Thanks.”

S.S.  8/11/15

“Your words of advice rang true . . . Again, thank you for your efforts and representation.  All the best.”

R.C. 7/14/15

“Hi Mark!  So thrilled by this email.  Great news and so relieved! I cannot thank you enough and so very grateful !  Toasting to you tonight at dinner . . . Thanks a million.”

C.D. 7/13/15

“Hello Mark.  This is exceptional news.  Thank you for your work and continued representation . . . My family and I are hugely appreciative of your efforts here.  We will continue to stay in touch.”

R.C. 5/27/15

“Thank you for all your help with this case.  I couldn’t have asked for better representation.  I can’t thank you enough for a job well done!”

C.S.  5/27/15

“Thank you Mark for all your help and great job.”

G.B.  4/27/15

“I was charged with dui in silverthorn. Mark Rubinstein fought tooth and nail for my case. Even though I live in Denver, Mark was always easy to get in contact with. He always kept me informed and advised me of the best course of action to take. The process with dealing with a dui charge is confusing, but Mark Rubinstein knew exactly what needed to be done and took things one step at a time. I ended up having my sentence deferred for two months and the charges will eventually be dropped! He also represented me for the department of revenue hearing to try to keep my license from being suspended. If I had to go through the whole process again (which I certainly won’t), I would definetly use Mark Rubinstein again. He was kind, professional, kept me informed, and gave my case 100%. I would definetly recommend Mark Rubinstein to represent you for your case.”

P.T. 2/16/15

“Mr. Rubinstein Thank you again for representing Renae. We appreciate all you were able to do for her . . . . . Thank you. Thank you. Sincerely”

K.H. 2/5/15

“Mark–Peter and I are both very grateful for your efforts on Peter’s behalf. While he has paid a heavy price for one poor decision, he now–thanks to your hard work–has the ability to keep his record clean. You can be sure he will not squander that opportunity. As a lawyer I commend you on your success; as a father I thank you most sincerely. If you ever need a contact or a favor in this part of the world, you know who to call. Best regards”

P.T. 2/5/15

“Mark, Thank you so much for the resolution on the plea agreement. I am very thankful to have received a deferred judgement. I will let you know if I have any questions or need your services again. Thanks again!”

K.T. 1/22/15

“Once again I’d like to say thank you for your professional help, I was very happy with the outcome and your service God bless you sir and have a great day.”

J.V. 12/15/14

“You have made me the happiest person in the world. Thank You so much!!! . . . Thank You!!!”

P.O. 12/2/14

“Thank you so much, Mark. You made a terrible situation very manageable. Rock On!!”

C.M. 11/26/14

“Mark, Thank you for all your work on my case and getting me such a non-painful deal … that was truly awesome! I did pay my files and fees so I’m all set. I’m looking forward to a stress free Thanksgiving now, thanks to you. Have a great holiday season!”

J.K. 11/25/14

“Mark: Thank you very much for getting this case dismissed.”

J.Z. 11/18/14

“Mr. Rubinstein, Thank you so much! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts to get my case dismissed. This is such a relief Thank you again.”

J.Z. 11/11/14

“Hi Mark, You are Awesome ! Thank you very much for solving this case.”

K.R. 10/1/14

“I wanted to thank you for your help with my situation. I am very pleased with the outcome of the case; it was better than I expected! Thank you again and have a great day!”

J.C. 9/2/14

“Getting on a plane, finding you and hugging you for an hour would be completely inappropriate. A heart felt Thank You will have to suffice!”

J.K. 8/27/14

“Mark, once again thank you so much you truly are the best lawyer. I could not imagine going through like with a felony on my record. You are the man! . . . You are definitely the man I want for the job . . . Thank you again for everything!”

E.U. 8/20/14

“Thank you very much for everything & I will definitely pass your number and keep you in mind for any further needs.”

S.T. 7/29/14

“Thank you for all your help. My wife and I are pleased with the outcome of the sentencing. Your representation was commendable.”

J.H. 7/24/14

“Thanks Mark !! . . . Thanks again for your assistance in this case.”

P.B. 7/24/14

“Hi Mark. I can not thank you enough for the result you got me yesterday morning. As I told you before I am so pleased I made that call to you . . . If we do come back to vail next year I will be sure to come to your office and drop you a bottle of something nice. Thank you again. Best regards”

S.W. 4/23/14

“I would like to appreciate your consideration, kindness, and effort in finalizing this issue. We are so lucky that we could retain you as an attorney”

Y.C. 7/22/14

“Thanks for your great work!”

S.Z. 7/22/14

“Thank you again Mark my wife and I really appreciate the work you put into this. You have been professional and made us a great deal”

E.U. 7/16/14

“I would like to thank you for the kind explanation, your effort to get a best result”

Y.C. 7/3/14

“My pleasure as well, so appreciated your services! . . . Thanks again Mark, I will refer you as often as I have the opportunity”

L.C. 7/3/14

“That is wonderful news !!!! Thank you so much for all of your help during this time. I am so very grateful to now have it all behind me.”

K.S. 7/1/14

“Thank you once again, like I said, you have redefined how I think of lawyers. Thank you for your amazing service. Sincerely”

T.G. 6/27/14

“Mark, Thank you for helping me get through a difficult situation with as little further harm to me as possible. You are very kind. ”

J.C. 5/7/14

“Hi Mark, I can not thank you enough for the result you got for me yesterday morning. As I told you before I am so pleased I made that call to you. If we do come back to vail next year I will be sure to come to your office and drop you a bottle of something nice. Thank you again, Best regards”

S.W. 4/23/14

“Good morning Mark Rubenstein, thank you for your very attentive and helpful work! I appreciate it. Sincerely”

P.C. 3/3/14

“Hello Mark, I am in receipt of your email, thank you. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help, your time, and your legal expertise in this matter. I am sorry that we had to meet under such circumstances, but we don’t always know which path life will direct us.”

E.S. 2/18/14

“Hi Mark, Thank you for your help with both my mine and Brendan’s unfortunate situation. Good to meet you Mark, you made Brendan and i fell much better about the situation, we appreciate that but hopefully we will not need your services ever again!!! Thanks again. Best Regards”

A.W. 1/30/14

“Thank you so very much Mark, I do appreciate all you did for me, thanks again .. Dee”

W.R. 1/30/14

“Thanks again for the legal help. Have a great new year”

D.O. 1/12/14

“Hey Mark. First off I want to say thanks for all of your help on this case! I really appreciate it. Best Regards, MS”

M.S. 1/11/14

“Thanks for all your help with this. Really appreciate your putting up with out nervousness and fears. You have done a great job for us and we now know that patience is sometimes very good. Best.”

A.F. 11/15/13

“Thank you for everything Mark! You’ve been great!!

M.J. 7/17/13

“Thank you for all of your help Mark, Best Regards.”

R.P. 6/6/13

“Hello Mark, I want to thank you for doing a great job of representing us on this matter. This experience has been a good lesson but I realize it could have been much worse without your guidance and work on our behalf. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your help. Thank You!

G.B. 5/21/13

“Mark, Thank you so much for your help. This turned out much better than I was expecting! I apprecate your time and effort. Thank you again!

C.B. 5/15/13

“Hi Mark, Thank you so much for your help with my case. I think it turned out as good as it possibly could without being dropped altogether. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you again, and I will contact you with any further questions.”

K.A. 5/06/13

“Mark, Thank you for everything. I appreciate your help.”

C.M. 5/03/13

“Thanks Mark! Thanks again for your help! You were a wonderful help and I am really pleased with the turn out.”

H.C. 5/03/13

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate all of your help with my case. Have a great Spring.”

C.D. 4/18/13

“Thank you so much for all your help. Without your assistance and guidance I would not have been able to go through this process. Thank you very much again !! God Bless.”

D.K. 4/13/13

“Thanks a lot for everything Mark. It was definitely a learning experience, and I really appreciate your patience with me as I asked questions, etc. I feel very fortunate! Take care and have a great weekend.”

J.E. 4/05/13

“I truly appreciate your assistance and I am extremely grateful for the result you helped me obtain. I will be sure to comply with the courts orders and I’m considering this another chance . . . thank you again.”

W.S. 1/25/13

“Arrested for DWUI and not being from Colorado, Mark handled my case professionally and was available to answer my questions and concerns quickly. It goes without saying he is the man I would want in my corner! Appreciate all your assistance and outstanding ability to see this thing through to its end.”

D.T. 1/24/13

“Again, I want to thank you for all that you have done and did for my case! You are a great lawyer and I appreciate you and your help! I have said this before, lesson well learned and I’ll never do it again! You made the process a lot smoother and less stressful for me! I am very pleased with the results so again thank you!

J.U. 10/22/2012

“Thank you very much for your effort in helping the truth come forward.”

B.N. 1/25/2012

“I cannot thank you enough for everything over the last six months, I am truly humbled by all of your help and assistance with my case and your simple kindness of helping me by letting me make payments to you. I can never repay you for that or thank you enough. Thank you again so very much for your kindness and your help.”

B.S. 1/20/2012

“I truly want to thank you for all the support and advice during this tough process. I couldn’t have made it without your support. My family and I appreciate the opportunity to ask questions.”

T.L. 2/9/2011