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Gold gavel used in trials representing justice.Impaired driving charges are often brought unfairly, but that doesn’t mean you have the luxury of ignoring them or waiting to respond.

On the contrary, the state of Colorado demands an immediate response to DUI, DUID, and other impaired driving charges.

Delaying can get you in serious trouble. At the same time, responding quickly on your own can also prove problematic because people who aren’t represented by a Grand Junction DUI lawyer often say or do the wrong things, and those mistakes are later used against them.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you proceed with urgent caution.

As a Grand Junction DUI defense lawyer, I have dedicated my life and career to defending people who’ve been unfairly or excessively charged with crimes in Colorado. I have seen first-hand how overaggressive prosecutors and police can ruin people’s lives over a single mistake.

The system isn’t designed to adequately protect you. But that’s exactly what my office is here to do.

At Mark S. Rubinstein, P.C., we fight hard for the people we represent. We care about what happens to you, and we won’t yield in our effort to:

  • Get the charges against you dropped
  • Minimize the potential penalties
  • Preserve your driver’s license
  • Prevent your auto insurance premiums from skyrocketing
  • Defend your good name
  • Keep you from spending time behind bars

In other words, we fight hard to produce the best possible outcome in every single case we accept. We have been instrumental in changing the course of many of our clients’ lives. I’d like for us to do the same thing in your case too.

Time Frame for Responding

A woman assisted in using a breathalyzer on a DUI checkpoint.The following guidelines will help you understand just how quickly the state requires you to respond to an impaired driving charge.

  • If you took a Breathalyzer test: You must respond within seven days of your arrest.
  • If you took a blood test: You must respond within ten days of the date postmarked on your Order of Revocation notice.
  • If you refused to take a test: You must respond within seven days of your arrest.
  • In all other cases: You must respond within seven days of receiving a Notice of Revocation or Express Consent Affidavit.

You do not have to respond by yourself. In fact, you should NOT respond by yourself. Ask an experienced Grand Junction and Mesa County DUI defense lawyer to help you.

Understanding Issues Regarding Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)

Since Colorado legalized many forms of recreational marijuana use, its residents and citizens should be reminded that driving under the influence of any kind of drug, including legal marijuana, can be highly dangerous and is a serious crime. Driving under the influence of marijuana can allow police to pursue marijuana-related criminal charges against you.

Residents and citizens of the state of Colorado should be aware of the different factors that play into driving under the influence of drugs, or DUID, charge. In some cases, officers that handle a DUID case may be poorly or insufficiently trained. Sometimes, those officers that are trained properly simply make mistakes. There are plenty of potential errors that can occur when looking for signs of impaired driving. Police officers are taught to look for divided attention, poor coordination, and a slowed internal clock when determining whether somebody is driving under the influence of marijuana, or other drugs. However, these indicators are often subjective, and reliable testing is lacking. Experienced Grand Junction DUI lawyer will be able to analyze all the details of the case and find a silver lining.

Another common mistake made by law enforcement officers and courts is treating DUID cases as if they were driving under the influence of alcohol cases. The responsibility of showing the flaw in this thinking is on the defense team and can be done by using better experts, a thorough understanding of the law, and a fundamental grasp of the science that’s involved in these sorts of cases. Do not wait to ask for the professional help of a Grand Junction DUI Law Office

With DUID prosecutions on the rise and the recreational use of marijuana becoming more prevalent in the state, it is no surprise that police are paying more attention to these cases. Grand Junction DUI attorney Mark S. Rubinstein is actively defending against these sorts of charges, using his extensive experience to advocate on his clients’ behalf.

Our law firm has a firm command on the following:

  • The latest detection technologies (and their imperfections)
  • The most recent science on THC intoxication
  • Other drugs and the problems police run into when testing for them
  • Up-to-the-minute caselaw and the evolving rules of law

Changing the Outcome with a Grand Junction DUI Attorney

The police in Grand Junction and Mesa County take drunk driving and drugged driving very seriously. It is a top priority for local law enforcement and highway patrol. Indeed, many of the officers you see on the roadways are under significant pressure – if not direct orders – to crack down on DUI.

The same is true of the prosecutor’s office and our District Attorney, which has a reputation for aggressively prosecuting DUI charges and other drunk driving offenses.

You can expect the prosecution to seek the harshest possible penalty in your case. It’s my job to fight against that, and I’m good at it. My client testimonials speak for themselves. There are a number of approaches available to us in defending against your drunk driving charge, and you can count on me to turn over each and every stone in my tireless fight to bring your nightmare to an end.

As a Grand Junction, CO DUI defense lawyer, I do that both in and out of court, leveraging my experience and skill as a negotiator, a counselor, and a courtroom warrior.

I am here to lend honest advice, aggressive legal defense, and a shoulder of support. I am here to make a difference in what happens to you.

Don’t make the mistake of handling a DUI on your own. Likewise, don’t make the mistake of paying for a traffic ticket and then risking points against your driver’s license.

Call my office and let’s fight those charges instead. Success means a clean criminal record, a clean driving record, and in all likelihood, a better financial future.

Remember: Criminal conviction goes on your record and carries enormous penalties. And even for lower-level traffic offenses, if you accumulate 12 points in 12 consecutive months, or 18 points in 24 consecutive months, your driver’s license might be suspended, and you’ll likely have a difficult time with your employment and/or insurance premiums.

The consequences are serious enough for you to give this matter your urgent attention and seek a trusted and experienced DUI attorney.

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