Do You Know Which Party Drugs Could Lead to Your Arrest?

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Party Drugs

Party drugs are thought to be innocent and all in good fun. Despite what they are perceived as in the social setting, most party drugs are illegal – possessing and using them could lead to an arrest and possibly jail time. Those who partake in party drugs should be aware of which ones are considered illegal, and then decide if a night of fun is worth time behind bars.

Police Target Parties

For law enforcement, a local party is an opportunity to make numerous drug arrests. They troll these party locations because they know that illegal party drugs are likely to appear.

While there are legal party drugs, such as vitamins, alcoholic beverages, and marijuana (in some states), there are others that may seem innocent, but lead to severe penalties. Also, those attending these parties must be aware that legal drugs (such as prescription opiates) could be overdosed on and are still dangerous. Even if a person has a legal prescription for medication, distributing it to others at the party is not legal.

There is no specific list of “party drugs” in the statute. However, these drugs are typically those that are taken to party scenes to enhance the experience. Some of these illegal drugs got their start at rave parties, while others have only emerged over the past few months.

Possessing, Using, Buying, and Distributing Party Drugs is Against the Law

There are prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are legal to use and possess; however, using medications that are not prescribed to you is illegal. Distributing and selling drugs that are prescribed to you is also illegal.

There are designer drugs out there, which are common at the party scene, that come in pills and powders. These include illegal substances like MDMA (ecstasy) and methamphetamines. If one is possessing or selling artificial substances marketed as real MDMA or other illicit drugs, then that person can still be arrested. Therefore, if you are trying to sell fake drugs at a party, you could be arrested because those to whom you are selling assume that you are selling legitimately illegal products.

The Penalties of Party Drugs

The penalties for party drugs will depend on the use, the amount you have on your person, if you have used the drug, and what the drug is. Sometimes, you will only be arrested for public intoxication, but if you appear to be selling or distributing illegal party drugs, you could face harsher felony penalties for possession with the intent to sell.

Some drug crimes carry a few years in prison, lengthy probation periods, loss of a driver’s license, and more.

Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Party Arrest

If you were arrested at a party for selling, using, or distributing illegal party drugs, you must contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Mark S. Rubinstein, P.C. can assist you with your drug arrest. Schedule a free consultation now by calling 970-704-0888 or requesting more information online.

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